What Investors Must Look Out For In 2018

Profiting From Macroeconomic Trends Shift

The Important Indicators and Transitions You Need to be Aware of

The stock market in USA got off to a strong start in 2018, rising 4% in less than 2 weeks of trading. Elsewhere, the MSCI World rose 4% as well, with the STI Index rising 3.46%.

Growth Spurt in 1st 2 Weeks of 2018

In the United States, the Tax Reform has provided renewed vigor to a bull market that is the second longest in its history. The expectation is that the reduced corporate tax rate, and the repatriation tax holiday, would bring more jobs, and overseas money back to the country.

The Federal Reserve in US, as well as Central Banks have indicated further tightening of monetary policy.

Given the policies taken up by different countries, how would 2018 shaped up? 

Would there be a stock market melt up? 

In light of these macroeconomic events how should you position your portfolio?

Introducing The Invited Speakers

We bring to you, two investors who make use of top down macroeconomic models as an integral part of their portfolio composition:

Xeo Lye

Xeo is the co-founder & Game Designer of Capital Gains Studio, the people behind Wongamania and most recently, Debtzilla. 

He has also co-authored the bestselling book, “5 Elements of Successful Investors” and ebook “Wonganomics”

Xeo brings 14 years portfolio management experience specializing in Global Macro to the workshop, you'll definitely pick some interesting views.

Xeo shares his thoughts at Xeolyenomics.

Elvin Liang

Elvin trades actively to supplement income using various methods. 

He aims to educate young readers on personal finance, trading and investing aspects through his blog,

Recently, he took up the challenge to scuttlebutt companies to feel the pulse of the industry and businesses.

What you'll discover:

At the 'Profiting From Macroeconomic Trends Shift' workshop, look out for the following investing tidbits:

  • 9 Indicators to look at to determine the 'health' of the market
  • + 6 indicators to specifically gauge the health of Singapore's economy
  • Why you should always consider Macroeconomics, even when you are just a "small" investor
  • The best way to position your portfolio to exploit macroeconomic trend shifts
  • How to identify Market Cycle Trends...and build a multi-sector portfolio that will give you profits in any cycle
  • How the recent major economic and financial events affect different financial assets
  • How these events will correlate to one another
  • How much capital (aka 'warchest') should you have on hand, to capitalise these macroeconomic trends?
  • How to pick the right stocks using the big picture theories above, so that you can put it into action and build a practical portfolio that works for you
  • Key events that Xeo and Elvin are looking out for in 2018,
  • Derive your answer to the ultimate questions: "will there be a stock market crash in 2018", and "what should I do now to protect my investments and money?"
  • and more

This will allow you to position your portfolio to either preserve your capital or profit from these strategic shifts.

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Reserve A Seat Now

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'Profiting From Macroeconomic Trends Shift' Workshop

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